Dr. Dwight Pentecost Comments
On The New Testament

The following comments are from Dr. Dwight Pentecost's book entitled; "Thy Kingdom Come". Dr. Pentecost is a distinguished theologian on the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary. Some theologians see the same corruption in church doctrine that many of us see. These precious men are attempting to use their knowledge and position to correct these Scriptural misconceptions. Dr. Pentecost's words shed more light on our discussion in this study. Below is a quote from Chapter 17 page 184 of his book.

"Chronologically speaking, there is a 400-year gap between Malachi and Matthew. Logically and thematically, however, there is no gap at all (meaning that the Law still continued from Malachi to Matthew despite this gap of time). The New Testament immediately takes up where the Old Testament prophets left off. In fact, "technically" the New Testament does not begin with Matthew, but with the book of Acts."

Some readers may think that our belief concerning the actual starting point of the New Testament is some 'new teaching'. The reason we include Dr. Pentecost's comments in some of our writings is to show that other theologians are warning about popular Biblical misconceptions that can lead us dangerously astray in our faith. We believe his words represent an often ignored truth we should all carefully consider.

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