Important Update Involving A
New Threat To Our Children

America Is Being Prepared For
The Rule Of The Anti-Christ

No doubt ... the Reversal of Roe vs. Wade was a huge victory. But, the war to protect innocent life is far from over. Many Americans still fail to understand that legalizing abortion in 1973 was a 'globalist priority' designed to depopulate the planet. But, now that Roe is reversed, they had to 'kick their plans into over-drive' ... and the globalists (many who are unelected and can't be voted out) control most governments and centers of power - including the United States. This is well documented by facts and is not some "conspiracy theory". The main players have taken off their masks and identified themselves - if you care to look. You won't like what you see.

The next phase of depopulation actually started before 2020 with the development and public introduction of the so-called "Covid19 virus". It involves the fraudulent use of what is called "a vaccine", but is actually an experimental genetic treatment - now being forced upon pre-school children without any safety testing whatsoever - BY THE FDA. This is a criminal act against the human race - and soon most of the surviving population of the planet will know what was done to them.

All of Christendom should have been exposing
this lie. But instead, most of it's ministers
supported it.

Similar to the situation with legalized abortion, our youngest children - and not just the unborn - are being targeted ... BUT IN FAR GREATER NUMBERS THAN ABORTION'S 65 MILLION DEATHS. The recent - and forcibly released documents (by direct court order) from Pfizer, Moderna and the FDA/CDC show that they lied to the public about the so-called Covid vaccine ... which they knew - FROM THEIR OWN TRIAL DATA – would not only seriously injure and kill many recipients, but would also cause some expectant Covid vaccinated mothers to miscarry their baby. This is why Pfizer and the FDA feverishly tried to legally block the release of these documents for the next 75 years. But, thankfully, the courts forced them to comply. The Biden administration and the media is currently involved in a cover-up and suppression of the damaging evidence, which is now being released to the public by morally motivated alternative news media sources, such as, Gateway Pundit and WorldNetDaily (to name a few).

The following interview with Dr. Martin - given by Greg Hunter at - should be viewed by anyone who wants to learn about the gigantic and deadly hoax (God calls it 'a lie') perpetrated upon the public during the so-called Covid pandemic ... and is now, once again, threatening our children.

We post this interview because it is not
based on "personal opinion", BUT IS TAKEN

Dr. David Martin and his organization are currently
involved in holding the perpetrators legally
responsible for these crimes. He is the top expert
in the ongoing and unfolding CV19 vax genocide and

For those who want an excellent, yet brief overview
of the unfolding Covid debacle, the following
commentary provided by Don Boys, Ph.D is an excellent
source. His must-read article is entitled: "Many
Young, Healthy Adults Falling Dead May Trigger a
Black Swan Event that Collapses World Society!"

We have a special section aimed at exposing the fraudulent Covic pandemic later on this main website page. But, you should also watch the following video about how Christendom, especially evangelicals, were misled by those within its own ranks - along with insights about the part the FDA, CDC, NIH - and Bill Gates plays in this whole Covid vaccine scheme.

Megan Basham from the Daily Wire did
the following commentary entitled:

"How Left-wing Covid Narratives
Infiltrated Churches".

How the federal government used Christian
Evangelical leaders to spread Covid

All Christians should watch this

Former CIA Director William Casey
once said;

"We'll know our disinformation program
is complete when everything the American
public believes is false."

Note: Today, the Government's disinformation
program is called "the narrative" and it's being
enforced by the Biden administration's new
"Ministry of Truth".

The 'narrative' is what the government wants
the public to believe - but it's almost
never the truth.

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